The Boat Club Report 1994

The following article appeared in the Michalemas term 1994 version of the alumane newsletter, The Ammonite. It is written by Nicole Mather, the captain that year, and details the achievements of the club in that year.

1995 Achievements

The following article is taken from the alumnae newsletter, The Ammonite, of Trinity term 1995. Written by Eileen Roberts

The Rebuilding of Longbridges boathouse - 1997

This photo shows the boathouse under-construction in 1996. The new boathouse, as it looks today, was opened in 1997 after a five year build, and is shared between five colleges: St Hilda's, Hertford, St Catherine's, Green Templeton and Mansfield.

"The Londbridges boathouse was officially opened on Saturday, 26th April 1997. The proceedings began with a spectacular procession of boats including gigs, skiffs, sandolos and gondolas. The first of the St Hilda's boats was the Captain's gig 'Draper Blue' which contained Ali Gill (ex-St Hilda's, Olympics 1988, '92 and '96), David Frost (Bursar), Louise Auckland (SHCBC President) and Caroline Bampflyde (SHCBC Captain).

The Opening Ceremony began with the Principal of Hertford College speaking, who then called upon Matt Pinsent, Ali Gill, Pheobe White and Donald MacDonald to conduct the cutting of the tape, preceded by a countdown and cannons. The reception which followed was attended by our past and present rowers and members of the SCR." Fiona Needs (Sponsorship & Development Officer for SHCBC 1997)

The Opening of Long Bridges

The following article is taken from the alumnae newsletter, The Ammonite, of 1997

1990s Crew Lists

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