COMMITTEE 2019-2020

Julia Halligan


Julia is a 3rd Year Medic and last year's Women's Captain. Despite having doubts about becoming president, she found that her love of rowing and poor decision-making skills overcame them. She holds the club record for the number of back-to-back crabs caught during a race.

Melissa Orr


Anna James-Bott


Anna is a PhD student and is our enthusiastic secretary. Despite her old age and almost constant state of tiredness, she has been known to row pretty quickly when she has to. Anna holds the record for most geese maimed during the pursuit of victory.

Clea Butcher

Women's Captain

Joel Dyer

Men's Captain

Joel is a DPhil student and our new Men’s Captain. As a Welshman, he remains a little confused as to where the try line is in this strange version of rugby, but decided to stick with it having found that he catches crabs as skilfully as he catches balls. He hopes this role will be a reliable source of procrastinatory activities over the coming year.

Alex Koffman

Captain of Coxes and Boatman

Alex has more than ten years of experience being a cocx, but it really doesn't show. If you need Alex, look for angry coaches from other colleges along the towpath.

Ella Fitzpatrick

Women's Vice Captain

Nicholas Chew

Men's Vice Captain

Jane Bennett

Social Secretary

Akshay Pal

Social Secretary

Simon Biasi


Though Simon left a long time ago, he's been unable to give up involvement in the club, so we* appointed him web officer. Anyway, someone probably should update the site. *As in, he appointed himself.

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