COMMITTEE 2017-2018

Simon Biasi


Despite never having tried rowing before Oxford, I was quickly hooked and last year was joint men’s captain. My keenness for rowing and all things related meant I couldn’t help but get involved again as I move into my final year studying Ancient and Modern History. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, where we look to continue building our reputation on the Isis and elsewhere, as well as enjoying the legendary boat club socials!

Alex Koffman

Treasurer and boatsman

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm the Treasurer and Boatman for SHCBC for the next year. I'm a 4th year medic which means I am very old but also that I will outdrink you all at the socials & crewdates 😉 I've enjoyed rowing immensely and rowers at Hilda's are a lovely group of people, I'm glad I made the choice to get involved!

Anisha Chopra


Hi! I'm Anisha, a third year medical student who started rowing in first year! Being in the boat club over the past two years has been an incredible experience, and I'm excited for what will hopefully be a very successful year ahead!

Lucy Hyde

Women's Captian

I'm Lucy a second year PPE student. I came to oxford as a rower and have loved every moment. From the sea to the river rowing has come alive at Hilda's. I look forward to sharing this joy with you, and helping you discover your physical and mental potential.

Felix Clarke

Men's Captain

Hi there! I’m Felix – this year’s men’s captain. I’m in my final year of a PPE degree. The boat club has been a special part of my time in Oxford since I joined in my first term. I am really looking forward to getting more people involved with rowing this year, and continuing the men’s squad’s extraordinary success!

Mystery person

Captain of Small Boats

We are looking for a captain of small boats. Do you want to take on this role? Let one of the captains or the president know!

Shasta Kaul

Women's Vice Captain

I rowed for the first time in my life in the second term of first year, and enjoyed it more that I'd expected. At Hilda's, it is a good mix of #funtymes and focussed times. I love the Hilda's boats and the team spirit leading up to and in the races! Looking forward to another year with the RAGING HILDABEASTS 🦄 🦄

Edwin Phua

Men's Vice Captain

Hi, I'm Edwin, a second year physicist, and I'll be your men's vice captain for this year. I'd never tried rowing before coming to Oxford, but it has been such good fun! I've really enjoyed being a part of SHCBC, and I know you will too!

Will Michell

Captain of Coxes

I've been rowing at St Hilda's since Fresher's week and even longer before that - legend has it I was actually BORN in a boat...but SHCBC is full of legends so it's no big deal. I've coxed novice and senior boats and rowed in Summer Eights. I find rowing a great way to take my mind of my work - there's nothing better than delaying a tute in Trinity to float downstream for a pint at the Trout...or three!

Georgie Hislop

Development Officer

Hi I'm Georgie and as this year's development officer, I'm in charge of sponsorship for the club, as well as organising the annual Sirens dinner in Trinity term. With sponsorship, SHCBC can become even better and more successful than it already is!

Wiesje van den Heerik

Web Officer

Heya, I am the web officer this year and will take care of all web-related matters of SHCBC. Let me know if there is a bug on the website or something doesn't look as smooth as we row, and I will fix it. See you on the river!

Anna Chamberlain

Admiral of the Fleet (MCR Representative) and Stash Officer

Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a third year Chemistry DPhil student. This year I’ll be serving as Admiral of the Fleet to bridge the gap between SHCBC and the MCR. I’m a keen rower and looking forward to getting more grads on the river!

Katherine Borg

Women's Social Secretary

Hi, I'm Katherine, and I'm super keen about all things rowing related. I'll be womens social sec this year, so I'll make sure there is lots of fun! As you probably know, I love crew dates so expect a lot of pennying and sconces this season...

Mystery Man

Men's Social Secretary

We are currently looking for a social secretary. Do you want to take on this role? Let one of the captains or the president know!

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