COMMITTEE 2018-2019

Alex Koffman

President and Boatman

Alex is a 5th Year Medical Student and our current President and Boatman. Alex joined the club in 2015 after 2 wasted years not spent rowing and has been a keen member of both the Men's and Women's 1st VIIIs as a rower and cox respectively. It is rumoured that he has single-handedly crashed every boat that Hilda's own and, that despite his old age, is quite a good laugh. Alex currently holds the club records for fastest strawpedo and the greatest number of rowers rescued from A&E after socials

Kate Hampshire


Kate is a 2nd Year Lawyer and is the Boat Club's Treasurer. She took up rowing in her first term at Oxford and despite joining almost exclusively for the stash, ended up enjoying it enough to star in our Women's 1st VIII. Kate has also learnt to cox whilst at Oxford and one day hopes to match Alex's wealth of skill in this discipline. It is unlikely to take very long.

Angela Liu


Angela is a 2nd Year Biomedical Scientist and our Secretary for this year. She has rowed in our Women's 1st VIII.

Julia Halligan

Women's Captian

Julia is a 2nd Year Medic and our Women's Captain. Despite having doubts about becoming Captian, she found that her love of rowing and poor decision making skills overcame them. She holds the club record for the number of back-to-back crabs caught during a race.

Peter Belcak

Men's Captain

Peter is a 2nd Year Mathematician and this year's Men's Captian. After discovering the joys of rowing in his term at Hilda's, he decided to start coxing so he could spend more time in boats. Despite being one of our strongest rowers, he struggles to find the finish line during races

Anna Bassadone

Captain of Coxes

Anna is a 2nd Year Biologist and the club's Captain of Coxes. She has been coxing since school, even picking up a few medals along the way which means she thinks she's pretty damn good. However I'm sure she will agree that these awards pale in comparison to the honour of coxing with Hilda's Boat Club.

Anna James-Bott

Women's Vice Captain

Anna is a PhD student and is our enthusiastic Women's Vice-Captain. Despite her old age and almost constant state of tiredness, she has been known to row pretty quickly when she has to. Anna holds the record for most geese maimed during the pursuit of victory.

Edwin Phua

Men's Vice Captain

Edwin is a 3rd Year physicist and is the club's Men's Vice-Captain. He held the same position last year and enjoyed it so much he decided to do it again. Edwin started rowing in his first year and has been a key member of our Men's 1st VIII for 2 years.

Beth Bryan

Social Secretary

Beth is a 2nd Year Biologist and one of our Social Secretaries this year. Although she struggles to make it to the end of socials without incident, this is unlikely to impact her ability to organise them beforehand. When Beth isn't counting the number of plants in a square, she rows with our Women's 1st VIII.

Matt Jones

Social Secretary

Matt is a 2nd Year Geographer and one of the club's social secretaries. His unfortunate inability to turn up to outings has made rowing difficult for Matt. However, this year he has vowed to take some time out from colouring in maps to organise some great socials and maybe even row once in a while.

Anisha Chopra

Kit Officer

Anisha is a 4th Year Medic and our Kit Officer for the year. She has been a keen memebr of the Women's Squad as both a rower and a cox.

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